Learn and Help!

The project “Learn and help!” is aimed at reducing the social isolation of aged people who are lonely after their active working lives or communicate primarily with people of their age. The project will encourage communication between generations – youth and adults. The project will create a model of volunteering to provide services directly related to vocational training.

Students of specialty “Hair and Cosmetics” in Professional High School “St. Evtimii “- Asenovgrad, will form a group of volunteers who work with seniors from senior club in Asenovgrad as advise them on hairstyles, style of dress, hair and beauty services. Children and adults will organize joint trainings, public events.

Hairdressing services will be offered in “Social Welfare” of Asenovgrad Municipality with the possibility of visits to the homes of the elderly and people with disabilities.

The project will contribute to increasing the participation of young people with care and tolerance to aged people.

Non-formal learning will enrich students with communication skills with people of all ages and social status, which is an important part in the successful career. The project will be a school of tolerance and social commitment.


  1. Seminar for students “Benefits of Volunteering”
  2. Provision of services to the elderly and people with disabilities
  3. Seminar “Fashion of the 50s”
  4. Urban party “My Grandmother is the Femme Fatale”

We believe that the project will fill a need for older people to communicate and they themselves will start to look similar forms of joint activities with other age groups.

Young people will realize the benefits of volunteering and community service, as an invaluable source of life and professional experience. The model allows easy multiplication and enrichment of joint activities between adults and young people without requires serious funding.

The project “Learn and help!” BG05 922 funded under the Programme to support NGOs in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014.