CAREER DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING ASSOCIATION is a partner in the DIVERSITY FLOW project implemented by the Scout Society Association from Târgu-Jiu and funded by the European Union through the Erasmus + program.

The issues addressed within the project relate to: the increase of xenophobia in Europe in the last year due to Brexit, the increase of the prejudices at the level of the EU member states, which also led to the marginalization of the young people, the decline in  knowledge  the traditions and customs at EU level.

The aim of the project is to promote cultural diversity among young participants as a means of developing the European Union.

The main objectives are: raising awareness of the 45 young people aged between 16 and 23 years of the effects of xenophobia, encouraging participants to learn other traditions from the European Union, raising awareness of European values among young people and combating prejudices against members EU Member States.

The activities carried out within the project were: presentation of the European Union concept, workshop on xenophobia, discussions and exchange of information on the culture and traditions of organizations from the participating countries. These will be achieved by using non-formal education methods, but also by using debates, role-plays, brainstorming, questionnaires, etc. Due to the involvement of young people in activities, they will acquire the following skills: linguistic and cultural competence, creativity development, teamwork skills, empathy, etc.

The Diversity Flow project will have a significant impact on both participants and partner organizations. Thus, young people will be aware of the European Union’s multicultural dimension and the effects of a xenophobic attitude, they will overcome their prejudices regarding the participating countries and will be involved in the process of combating xenophobia.