AKRO is a partner to the project “ACTivate your soft skills”`coordinated by Educational Innovation – Greece. The project focuses on soft skills, which are widely applied within and outside the workplace and are very important for entrepreneurship, personal and professional development. Its aim is to outline the importance of soft skills nowadays, especially within the labour market, and to develop them in the participants’ personality. To achieve this and to approach the subject, theatre (drama activities) is going to be used as a non-formal learning tool.

On fulfilling these objectives, it is expected that the youth exchange will have multiple benefits for participants, who are going to upgrade to a great extent their job profile and the ability to get a job in competitive environments. At the same time their self-confidence and critical thinking will be reinforced and they will acquire some knowledge concerning important skills in theatre and artistic expression. The impact on local and European level will be also very important, through many efforts that are going to take place to include the local society in the project.