Career Developmen and Training Association is a partner in Volunteering Opportunities. The project aims at developing the capacities of partner promoters (in particular: youth workers, volunteers coordinators,supervisors and mentors) in developing and ensuring greater quality within the European volunteering programmes. The focus falls particularly on matters such as: promoting volunteering opportunities at the local and international level; developing strong and sustainable partnerships; volunteers’ management and mentoring; ensuring greater impact of the volunteering projects (both for the volunteers and the communities they work in).

To achieve the aim and ensure that it is sustainable, the proposed project – Volunteering Opportunities – has been divided into two distinct stages.

– Contact Making Event for Coordinators and Supervisors that took place in Worcester, UK between 20th  and 26th June 2019

– Training Course “Ensuring Quality in volunteering projects” for Mentors.

The project is coordinated by Consilium Development and Training.