The Career Development and Training Association is the co-ordinator of a national consortium for the implementation of the Dreamy Bold project, funded by the Erasmus + program. Partners in the consortium are: Municipal Enterprise “Children and Youth Center” Dimitrovgrad., Sports Club “Champions Factory” – Sofia, Association “Walk Together” – Sofia and “Association for Assistance to the Society and Young People” – Ruse. Permaculture Cantabria is the EU partner who shares their experience and methodologies for successful entrepreneurship.

The participating organizations will discover new techniques for developing sustainable projects that are creative and bring together local communities.

The main activity of the project is a 7-day training course entitled “The Dragon’s Dreaming – a methodology for trainers: designing creative, collaborative and sustainable projects and organizations”. Two representatives of the organizations in the consortium participated in the course.

The course aims to provide participants with valuable tools for group assistance, involvement and entrepreneurship. The training presented alternative organizational and economic models such as Dragon dreaming, a participatory methodology that includes theoretical and practical sessions.

The participants acquired new competencies that will improve the quality of their projects and contribute to the modernization of the organizations in which they work.

We hope that practicing the Dragon Dreaming technique will improve the teamwork skills of the participants, stimulate their self-knowledge and self-esteem, encourage entrepreneurship, thus improving their employability.

As a result of organizational cooperation and training in alternative models (organizational and economic), participants will be able to evaluate all operational and strategic changes needed to modernize their organizations and adapt activities to the challenges of contemporary society.

Participating organizations will be able to offer higher quality, socially and environmentally sustainable projects, and will be able to evaluate new sources of funding.